"At school we introduce little ones to a new language...French! We studied the French language throughout most of our education and feel strongly that it enhanced our learning experience." 

-Teacher Sofia

Kindergarten Readiness

-Deeper project investigations and explorations: asking questions, note taking, talking to experts

-Pre reading and writing skills

-Independent  work and choices during quiet time after lunch 

-Numbers, counting and pre math skills

-Independent eating at lunch 

-Focus on peer interaction, social skills and independent problem solving 

The Project Approach
-Project based learning 
-In-depth explorations of real world ideas and concepts, drawing from students' natural curiosities and interests
-Equally values social, emotional, and academic growth 
-Teachers encourage and help foster a positive-self esteem and sense of purpose  
-The learning space is seen as flexible and able to adapt to best serve the interests and needs of all students, allowing students to learn and thrive at their own pace

"The children and families served in early childhood programs reflect the ethnic, cultural, and linguistic diversity of the nation."


​French as a foreign language

-Introduction to a new language

-ABCs, 123s

-French stories & songs

-Learning french words for everyday school tasks

how we teach

Multicultural Lens 
-A learning space that recognizes and reflects the varying cultures and ethnicities in the world around us
-Inclusive language
-Dual language
-Family involvement 
-Play choices, books, and projects that reflect all cultures and ethnicities