Teacher Madi

Assistant Teacher 

Background: Madi graduated Clark College with a General Associates Degree. After enjoying several babysitting jobs, she volunteered as a teacher's assistant at Montessori Children's House of Longview for three years. She now spends part of her time working at Blooming Rose Preschool as an Assistant Teacher while also working part time at a doggy day care in N.E. Portland. 
Madi Says:  "I value working with young children so much because at this age they learn things about themselves and the world like behavior, communication, and other social skills. Being apart of these developmental milestones is really special and I love to watch their imaginations and creativity grow, as I believe it is essential to helping them become avid learners. 
Candy: Dutch Stroopwafels
Food: Burrito bowls (or anything Mexican)
Children's book: Love You Forever

Teacher Remy

Co-Owner, Rose Bud Teacher (Toddlers)

Teacher Sofia

Co-Owner, Rose Blossom Teacher (Preschoolers)

Background​ Sofia obtained a Bachelors of Arts in Child and Family Studies from Portland State University. She has worked with young children and youth in both educational and recreational settings. Sofia's experience with children includes nannying, teaching and developing curriculum for the YMCA after-school program, interning at multiple public and private schools in the Portland area, mentoring, and serving as a lead preschool teacher at an in-home school in Portland. Through this experience, coupled with her education, Sofia’s passion for working with children and their families rests on her love for teaching and learning as well as her devotion to social justice issues among children and families.

Sofia says: "As a teacher, one of my main goals is to recognize that although the kiddos that I’m working with are always developing, they are still whole beings and I must teach to them as such. I aim to offer experiences that appeal to the many different parts of who they are: their emotional side, their need to be physical and active, and their intellectuality. Another part of my philosophy is to foster mutual and reciprocal relationships with my littles to create for an experience that is meaningful to all of us. Just as I am always eager to get to know all about my students, it is important to me that they also know who I am. When we create these deeper connections, it allows for a more meaningful and effective experience in which we are all teachers and learners alike."

Candy: Twix! Anything chocolate!

Food: I could live off of Thai and/or Mexican food.

​Children's book: Skippyjon Jones

​​​meet our teachers...

Background: Remy graduated from Portland State University with a B.A. in Social Science and a minor in Sociology. Her passion for working with children has led her to various venues allowing her to work with a wide range of children and youth. She has experience volunteering as an Academic tutor for V.O.A, nannying, working as an after school leader for the SUN program, working as an educational assistant in special education, and working as a lead toddler teacher at a Reggio inspired preschool. All of these past endeavors have fostered and deepened her love for working with children. 

Remy says: "Teaching is about fostering creativity and recognizing as well as encouraging our differences. Learning is something that everyone can do, regardless of our differences, and I think it is crucial that the classroom reflects that and allows for learning and teaching in many different ways. While I fully recognize the value in developmentally appropriate practices and developmental markers, I do not see these as boxes in which children must strictly fit into. I strongly believe  that all children are unique and therefore as educators, we should avoid using non-ageist language. Offering a space that is fun, safe, inspiring, and representative of all cultures is my goal!"


Candy: Pretzel M&Ms

Food: Tacos, tacos, tacos!

Children's book: Tacky the Penguin