"Teacher Remy is incredibly kind, genuine, helpful, and respectful. The humbling way in which she reads kids is uncanny. She's got a natural ability to guide and teach little ones in her own way, all while respecting the way we do things at home. Remy comes up with the most creative activities for our toddler and is constantly amazing us by channeling his growth. She's the most reliable and trustworthy childcare provider we could have ever asked for." - Mel George & Larry Gregg 

We love all of the families that we have had the chance to work with or are currently working with! Below you will find some kind words from past and present families!

"We've known Sofia for several years. Our daughter was in love with her at her preschool and it was clear that Sofia is incredibly caring with children. She is professional, patient, always aware of safety, loving and fosters learning in a fun way! We have no trouble trusting her with our most precious little people. When we saw the opportunity to have Sofia come to our home and watch our twin babies we worried that a transition from toddlers to babies + our older daughter would be difficult. Not for Sofia! Our twins have received loving, professional care in their ever important first year of life. My husband and I marvel at the genuine smile that she still has on her face after caring for our crew. Where we're typically exhausted by the end of the day with our own children, Sofia is full of energy, a smile, and a detailed report of the kids' day. She will be missed by our family, but hopefully she and Remy can contribute to yours!" - Becky Hicks

"Where do we even begin? There are so many wonderful things we can say about Remy! When Asher first started preschool we had all of the typical first-day-of-school emotions-I think we were more nervous than Asher! We were not sure if we were making the right choice, and worried how he would adjust from home care to preschool. But, we were lucky to have found Teacher Remy. Remy made Asher feel safe and secure in his new environment by giving him the extra love and attention he needed during his transition. This in turn made us feel happy and confident that we made the right choice. Before we knew it, Asher was making friends, learning new things, and excited to go to school! Remy made it easy to follow what he was learning in school, and was open to working together to sync up school and home methods. And what's best is that Remy's energy and positive outlook made it seem like we were talking to a friend rather than a teacher. Asher has learned so much from her, and we have all made a life-time friend in Remy!"- Jen and Danny Clancey

"Blooming Rose Preschool is a rare and special find. Sofia is a highly skilled educator. She possesses so many strengths that it is hard to narrow them down. She is truly a perfect blend of warmth, intelligence, competence, and grace. Without hesitation, I know that my children have benefitted tremendously from being in her care. As a parent, dropping your child off at preschool and heading to work can be a stressful experience. With Sofia, I always know that my children are in amazing hands. If you have the opportunity to enroll your child at Blooming Rose, you will not regret it." -Karen Pomerantz, LCSW