What's inside...

Filled with books, this calm space is perfect for independent reading, quiet choices, and kindergarten readiness activities. 

After lunch, the Rose Blossoms use this space for deeper project investigations and prep.

Welcome to Blooming Rose Preschool! 

​Our Mission is to value children, their families, and the environments in which they come from. 

The Library


Email to find out about our current openings or to join our waitlist!

Main Room

Music & Movement

Come on in and find your name near our welcome bench! Get ready to play! Our main room is filled with lots of free play choices, an art station, books, and easy access to our project and lunch tables!

Step outside to our inviting backyard! Soccer balls, chalk for drawing, water play, gardening tools, a covered area for trikes, and open running space. We love playing and exploring out here everyday!

Contact us!

If interested in learning more about our program or to sign up for a school tour, please feel free to contact us via email. 



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Address: 6735 N. Atlantic Ave.

Portland, OR 97217

Outside Space

This room is for singing, stories, making music, and inside gross motor activities. A large space where we can dance, stretch, and be active! A perfect place for fun movement choices on a super rainy day. This room doubles as the nap room after lunch.